There is significant construction going on at the Rosslyn Metro Building. As a result parking has been more of a challenge.

 Parking suggestions:

            Option 1.  Colonial Parking at Rosslyn Metro Center 1700 N. Moore St. The garage entrance is at the intersection of N. Moore St and Wilson Blvd.

            Option 2. Arlington Hyatt 1325 Wilson Blvd. The garage entrance is on N. Nash St. at Wilson Blvd. When you drive into the hotel entrance

                            immediately turn to go down the ramp on your right. Park on Level 3, 4 or 5. Take the elevator to the P1 level to exit the building.

                            This will put you across the street from the Rosslyn Metro Building. We are in Suite 1150.

We validate parking for both these locations. If the lot is full at the Rosslyn Metro Parking tell the parking attendant you are going to see the eye doctor and they will sometimes find a space.

Alternative Parking:

  1. Atlantic Parking 1820 Nash St. next to the Arlington Hyatt

Both of these locations can be easily accessed by turning right onto Wilson from the Rosslyn Metro Center on N. Moore St and going up Wilson Blvd for 2 blocks and then turning right onto N. Nash St.